5 x Nickel & Black Evo Catch


Product Code: EvoCatchX5

The EVOmatic is a new self locking door catch designed for leisure vehicles. A modern design with practical features

5X Evomatic Catches

•Auto latching design
•Works with any panel thickness between 12mm – 18 mm
•Available in different finishes
•Flush surface modern design
•Includes dual position striking plate with adjustment aids installation.
•Adjustable fit design with + or – 5mm travel for precision installation.
•Screws not included – screw length changes depending on ply thickness.
– use 3.5 x 12mm screws when mounting to 12mm ply
– use 3.5 x 15mm screws when mounting to 15mm ply
– use 3.5 x 18mm screws when mounting to 18mm ply