Rock & Roll Beds


Rock and roll bed frame guide
We offer a wide range of rock and roll bed frame sizes to suit all vans and layouts. The bed frames and full width frames fit most medium and large vans, eg VW transporter t4, t5. vivaro, ducato,crafter,sprinters ect. The midi frames will fit the smaller vans like the VW Caddy, Bongo, Nv200, Alphard and alike

Which bed is right for me?
Firstly you need to think about is the width of the bed you require. This will depend on the size of your van and if you need the bed to go full width of the van or 3/4 width allowing for a side conversion.
now we should consider the type of vehicle you have and if you require standard size or a midi size frame.
there are one or two exceptions to the rule and you can always contact us if you need any information or advice. We will contact you to confirm your vehicle upon any order and advise accordingly.

Rear Facing seat.
The majority of the beds we sell are “Space saver style” and take up a minimum footprint in the vehicle allowing for a larger living area. We also offer rear facing seat versions in 3/4 width and in full width sizes. this takes up a slightly larger space than the standard bed however this does includes a rear facing seat.

M1 Tested Beds.
We offer M1 Certified beds in two different sizes. the standard 3/4 width size and also in a midi size. These come with certification and test data pack.

Auto locking frames.
All our bed frames are designed to be simple and effective to operate. all frames are automatic locking and come with a spring assisted lift making the bed simple to open and close. The automatic lock means there is no closing locks and catches as the bed does all this.

Fitting kits
All beds come complete with fitting kit, nuts botls and plates.

Seat Belts
All beds come supplied complete with 2 x 3 point inertia reel seat belts.

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